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Bathmate Hydromax is the next stage as the penis enlarger tool number 1 in the world for the development of men’s penis health that is designed in a safe and secure medical class safe for the skin of your penis. Bathmate Hydromax Series as an innovative tool Men’s penis enlargement that will give advantage to men and women satisfaction of sex we need to reach inner birth satisfaction in Household that most of all with method of enlarge your penis by using penis enlarger Bathmate Hydromax.

Bathmat Hydromax is specially designed for use in the bathroom or was bathing it is a comfortable and safe way to training penis enlargement, penis Bathmate Hydromax can provide tremendous power even if only by using media from water and can give penis bigger and long.

Using the penis enlargement pump of Bathmate Hydromax Series is the same as you keep your penis training to increase men’s vitality and keep penile erections harder and longer and increase sexuality stamina during sexual intercourse.

The BathmateHydromax pump is very safe to use because prior to circulation we have first tested in the world renowned clinic “Aspen Clinical Research” pumping process using water media so it is safe and will not happen friction on the genital area or penis skin.

The type of hydromaxbathmate pump

  • Bathmate Hercules clear, red, blue
  • Bathmate Goliath clear, red, blue
  • Hydromax X20, X30, X40 Clear
  • Hydromax Xtreme X20, X30, X40, Clear

Go to this site http://bathmateresult.com to know the exact pump on the size of the penis that you have now, because to have of a long and thick penis the pump you choose is not too small or even loose understand here.

Excess buy Hydromax Xtreme series

The Bathmate Xtreme is our most advanced product to date and boasts three core design characteristics. You can only get these with a superior penis enlargement hydraulic pump.

The Bathmate Xtreme offers improved performance with its powerful handball pumping system. The handball pump helps you to achieve maximum results by precisely controlling the pressure and the pump. The precision control assists you with obtaining greater results and achieving your full potential.

The Bathmate Xtreme offers versatility that both beginners and advanced users will enjoy. The handball pump system allows you greater control with the ability to adjust negative pressure avoiding any discomfort. It will also allow the user to use maximum pressure for maximum results. This advanced system is a must have for anyone serious about penis enlargement.

Xtreme main unit: The new Xtreme’s gaiter is made up of a new advanced material. The new material is more flexible and durable than previous models. The new Xtreme valve can be used with or without the handball pumping system.

Note: Xtreme can be used without the handball pumping system like the previous models. However, the use of the handball pumping system dramatically improves the speed and effectiveness of penis enlargement training.

Handball pump: The newly designed handball pump is the core component behind the effectiveness of the Xtreme. It is made of a soft and flexible material allowing you to create and release pressure easily.

Hose attachment: The hose attachment seamlessly connects the handball pumping system to the Xtreme main unit. It’s made of high grade material which is crack resistant and durable even with frequent use.

Long insert comfort pad: This is a brand new comfort pad with long insert. The long insert acts as a barrier, protecting the penis from the inner part of the gaiter pressing against it (especially when your penis gains in girth after using Bathmate for some time). It is also very smooth which adds more protection for your penis.

Bathmate lubricant: It is Bathmate branded and a specially designed lubricant for Bathmate products. If you are having a problem creating a good seal to your body, apply some of the lubricant.

Shower strap: The shower strap has been one of the most popular accessories in the Bathmate accessory line. It allows you to do your normal showering routine while using the Bathmate. The shower strap is also designed to prevent damage to the Bathmate should it fall (due to lack of pressure).

Bathmate cleaning kit: The cleaning kit comes with a specially crafted sponge and an extension stick. You are able to thoroughly cleanse every part of your Bathmate with this kit.

Bathmate measuring gauge: This patented measuring gauge is an advanced and precise tool to measure your girth and length. Designed and patented by Bathmate.
Soft Deluxe case: This case is large enough to hold every part of The Xtreme set. It is a soft case with a smooth finish and modern appearance while keeping your device protected.

Bathmate towel: A towel for drying your Xtreme and accessories after each session.

Number security lock: Lock your hardshell case to protect your privacy at all times.

The 60-day money back guarantee is entirely

100% money back, warranty claim you can get if only buy on the official website, no exceptions at all, you will get your money fully back in 60 days if there is no change at all on the size of your penis.

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